Hi! I'm Lubien, a Computer Science student and Web Developer.

Currently I'm on a internship at @projeto-spider and I'm always contributing to the Open Source.


Bachelor course student in Computer Science at the Federal University of Pará, I have as hobby web development. Overall, I create systems that could make my life easier. Since I enjoy the process of making websites, I've been learning tools to make possible to abstract my ideas in a digital being.

Bookmarker Export Google Chrome bookmarks into markdown files.

RoundaBot Bot for JoJo Bizarre Adventures fans who'd like to finish their conversations JoJo-like.

Popura NodeJS wrapper for MyAnimeList API.

Popura CLI CLI for NodeJS's popura package.

Facebook Mosaic https://github.com/lubien/fbmosaic

Tree of Savior XP Cards Calculator Tree of Savior XP calculator.

easy-parser SimpleHTMLDOM abstraction.

Restinga Node REST API abstraction layer to easily consume data. Based on artesaos/restinga.

koa-react-redux-universal-boilerplate A fullstack Koa + React + Redux Universal Boilerplate to speed up your development process.

Flat MyAnimeList A design for myanimelist.net lists.

About Me

I'm Computer Science student that loves web development and learning new programming languages and everything that could make me a better developer.

Right now, as of 2016 October 23, I'm focusing on learn Elixir since thats a lovely language to do server side stuff.

My other known languages are JavaScript (my main at the moment) and PHP yet I know a little bit about Haskell, Elm, Python and C as there where situations where I needed them.

Currently, my web development stack consist of Koa for the backend, any popular SQL database and ReactJS with Redux for the front-end. Also I've already experienced making applications with ElectronJS, Cordova and MongoDB.


You can contact me by my email lubien1996@gmail.com or any other social network I use.